7 Tips to Decorate

Your Restaurant for

Family Party

Whether your business is a family restaurant or not, it’s advisable that you know how to decorate it for family parties. This is a great way to differentiate your restaurant from its competitors. People visit restaurants not just to dine and relax, but also to connect with friends and loved ones, and enjoy a luxurious time.

Decorate your restaurant interior to meet your customers’ functional needs, atop making it aesthetically pleasing. Good architecture and décor for your restaurant must be customer-oriented. It effectively markets your food. Choose a theme that complements your food and create a distinct ambiance indoors. The goal is to offer your customers an enriched and memorable dining experience to keep them coming back. Happy customers are also likely to refer friends and family to your restaurant.

Customers in big cities who live in small apartments can barely host parties in their homes. They need family restaurants to host an elaborate party of 30 people or more. You can transform your sleek restaurant and bar to help such customers host family parties bound to attract large gatherings. Despite decorating your restaurant for family parties, you can make a few changes here and there to host a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other type of party. With lots of interior design and décor ideas out there, choosing a perfect set for your restaurant may not be easy. Here’re a few easy tips to get you started:

1) Install proper lighting

Create the right ambiance in your restaurant with proper lighting. What type of environment do you want in the restaurant? And, what emotions do you want to invoke in your customers?

When choosing to light, make sure it’s safe for your staff, energy-efficient, and has the right illumination power. With the right lighting, you’ll create an ideal mood indoors, atop setting a desirable ambiance for a better customer experience. You can install lighting to draw attention to specific details such as an amazing artwork or mural, highlight your space, or create cozy corners. Hang pendant lights over dining tables to create a romantic appeal. But, if you want your restaurant to look and feel more airy, spacious, and well-lit, opt for natural lighting. It also makes your space look refreshing and well-ventilated.

Lighting enhances the appeal of your furniture, stimulates the appetite of customers, hides design flaws, and improves your general customer dining experience. Bright, eye-catching lighting can lure passers-by, converting them to clients. Opt for bright, breezy lighting for your restaurant section to give it a friendly vibe. Decorative fixtures and accent lighting can strike the right ambient balance in your business space. Ambient lighting ensures light is well-spread across the entire restaurant for a fine, accentuated look. On the other hand, accent lighting highlights unique features such as food displays, paintings, and luxury artwork in your restaurant. Decorative lighting beautifies your interior design surfaces; elaborate fixtures are used to complement your décor.

2) Add typography to your existing design

Find bold marquee letters, charts, graphics, and diagrams to give your restaurant a fun look. Order custom old-school neon signs for added interest.

3) Hang wall art or create a mural

Promote local artists to inspire your restaurant’s interior space with wall art or murals. Visitors to your restaurant are likely to take photos next to the artwork for posting on Instagram. In turn, this will publicize your business through user-generated content. You can hire a local artist to do the artwork outdoors if your interior space is limited.

4) Paint walls in pastels

Create an elegant or luxurious atmosphere with the right paint colors. Align your preferred colors with your general theme. For instance, opt for bold, vibrant hues to paint on bar walls or pastel colors for your family restaurant. Vintage furniture and unique historic paintings are perfect for a traditional theme. When painting your walls, opt for paint sprayers for their ease of use. They also offer Ultimate Portability when working on hard to reach areas. With the right paint, complementary colors, be sure that a good sprayer keeps the flow to suit your theme, personality, and design style.

5) Create more space indoors

Make sure your kitchen is part of your restaurant’s interior décor. Add a wood-burning oven for pizza to create an interesting focal point. You can also let your guests prepare their own pizza or take part in the food preparation process to keep them engaged. Alternatively, install an exposed whiskey tunnel, wine cellar or any other kitchen appliance to give your guests a peek into what happens behind the scenes. Customers are likely to spend more when exposed to your products. It’s also a great conversation starter.

6) Choose an ideal theme and create a community-centered design

Pick a theme that reflects your restaurant’s brand or menu in a modern way. Make sure that it’s not too trendy to ensure that it doesn’t look outdated a few years later. Restaurants bring communities together using food. Add board games and a communal table to develop a community-centered experience in your family restaurant. The games keep guests engaged while large tables allow for socialization. Make sure you remove TVs from your interior space to encourage communalism.

7) Play some music

The type of music you play is also bound to define your space. Make sure it complements your menu, style, and interior décor due to its great impact on customers. Background music, according to various studies, can enhance your restaurant’s image, make your employees happier, and improve the appetite of customers. Music can make your space look less empty and busier. Classical, symphonic, and soft music heightens customers’ desire for sophisticated, processed foods. On the other hand, rock music stimulates appetite, leading to customers who eat quicker and thus empty their tables faster. Feature live entertainment music on special nights or weekends to create a luxurious ambiance. If you have the budget, offer live music daily.

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